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If you are looking for just the right rhyme in your poetry, there are websites out there that will help you find that word. The Rhyming Dictionary at is the tool I use when I'm writing.

Simply type in the word you want to rhyme, and it will give you a list (conveniently sorted by number of syllables) that rhyme with the word you requested.

Of course, if the word you enter has multiple pronunciations, the site doesn't know which pronunciation you intended, and therefore gives you rhyming words for both.

For example, if you type read, the site will give you words like ahead, but also words like concede.

In order to avoid this difficulty, if I realize the word I'm trying to rhyme has multiple pronunciations, I'll enter a word that rhymes with the pronunciation I intend, and get only the words that I'm looking for.

In addition to finding rhymes, you can find near rhymes, synonyms, definitions and other things, simply by selecting what you want from the drop-down list.

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