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Often when I'm writing poetry, I will realize that the word I want to use either doesn't fit the meter I'm working with, or it doesn't have any good rhyming words that fit within the structure of my poem.

When either of these situations occurs, I usually visit, a website which provides synonyms. Simply type in the word you want to get synonyms for, and when you click "Search," the site will list synonyms provided from a variety of sources.

The site will not just give synonyms of the word you searched, but also thesaurus entries for which the word you searched is listed as a synonymous entry. Thus, you don't just get synonyms, you also get synonyms of synonyms, which provides a greater gradation of meanings.

Also, you will also find antonymns, and examples of usage.

Finally, the main page of the site often contains interesting blog entries about interesting words and phrases.

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