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Linking Verbs

A Linking verb is a verb which does not express action (it is not an action verb). Instead, it helps to show a connection between the subject and additional information about the subject.

For example, in the sentence The coffee is strong, the word is does not show an action; instead, it links coffee with a word which describes the coffee: strong.

I feel sick, is another example of a sentence with a linking verb; in this case, the word feel shows a connection between the subject and a word which describes the subject: sick.

Note that some verbs can function as either linking verbs or action verbs, depending on the context.

I felt sick.
I felt the gum underneath my seat.

In the first sentence, sick describes me, but in the second sentence, gum underneath my seat does not describe me. Thus, felt is a linking verb in the first sentence, but not the second.

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