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The following is a piece of writing submitted by AlaskaEverfall on January 23, 2012

Our Own Worst Enemy

I try too hard.
I try too hard to be happy.
In fact, I'm so overly optimistic, I'm annoying.
I speak far too much, and never badmouth people.
I have left the impression I'm an innocent, chatty and naive girl.
But I'm not naive. I will never, ever be naive.
Which is why this year, I'm going to give up.
I'm going to avoid social groups, and not speak unless being spoken to.
I'm going to sit at the front of the class, taking every note the teacher says. I'm going to make sure to get good grades on each of my academic subjects.
I can't bear to fail. And I can't bear to have people mercilessly toying with my emotions.
Because at the end of the day, it's not global warming which is killing me; it's not the lack of freedom, it's not the arrival of 2012.
It's people. We are our own worst enemy.

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