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The following is a piece of writing submitted by AlaskaEverfall on January 23, 2012

Your Concrete Angel

No matter how hard you hit
No matter how hard you punch
I will always, forever rise.

My pride will never fail
Inside, I'll never be frail
Unpredictable, a surprise

Everybody loves somebody
Hopelessly, unconditionally
And I was the unlucky one
To fall for somebody like you.

Violet, arrogant
Stupid, mistaken
And sweet just when you need it.
So I hold onto a little hope.

I am made of stone
I am bulletproof
I can never be hurt
Because hurt overlaps
More than happiness.

I am made out of solid
Hard, solid concrete
And have the innocence
Something you will
Never have.

I am not guilty.
I am an innocent as an angel.

I am your concrete angel.

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