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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Angela on October 8, 2007
Author is having a bad case of the Mondays made worse because her love of two years has recently decided that he wants her no longer."

Love, or lack thereof.

Some people believe in love.
They say it's like you're flying.
They say, "Once you feel it,
"You'll know I'm not lying."

Well, that's good for them,
Yes, it may be grand and all.
But whatever happens to you
When they leave and you fall?

What happens when wings don't work?
When you no longer fly?
When you suddenly find yourself
Plummeting from the sky?

Maybe it was an accident,
Then again, maybe not.
They may leave you broken,
On the ground to rot.

Or maybe they'll be kinder,
If you've been with them for years.
Let you wonder by yourself,
As you slowly drown in tears.

Some people believe in love.
They say it's like you're flying.
Well, I personally say to them,
When it's gone, it feels like dying.

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