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The following is a piece of writing submitted by CdnGhost on January 12, 2009
"I don't think I'll ever forget the girl (now, lady) for whom I wrote this poem. When I first met her I asked, "May I ask you a question?" to which she promptly replied, "No, I won't marry you."
Perhaps later I'll post the other poems I wrote for LJF."

The Child of Man

The Child of Man

Timmins or Kleinburg, the towns are the same.
They have between signs that bear either name,
People who've lived their lives from day one,
Never quite caring, what in life, they have done.
But every so often a child is born
Who sees there's a "Why?" or a "What?" in the form
Of life! All around her. But answers are few:
In the books. In the lessons (the teacher's own view).
Soon she must leave them: her family, her friends.
And journey far southwards with questions, no end
To seek out the answers; to strive 'till she knows
The reasons for all and where it began,
And where it all ends—if ever—again.


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