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The following is a piece of writing submitted by CdnGhost on October 24, 2011
"Anyone, even the blind, can see a rainbow, but only your heart can hear its song of love."

Beginning's End

"Beginning's End"

Twixt twilight and dawn comes a rainbow's song,
A song unlike any other.
It sings of days long past and gone,
Of nights spent waiting, wanting another;
Waiting, wanting the coming dawn.

Why wonder, you, of love's sweet song?
You know it ends in sorrow.
Broken hearts and shattered tears,
Are all you'll hear tomorrow.

Why do you wonder of love's sweet calling?
Forever, she'll love you, with all her heart;
But living with you she finds appalling,
Why do you wonder if you weren't so apart.

Softly, tears, your own, are falling;
Why do you wonder of a broken heart.
Beginnings end, your heart's still calling;
N'er beginning because you're apart.

© CdnGhost, 8 September 2011

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