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Amour Est Éternel

by CdnGhost

After years of searching, I, an Alpha male (IQ = ∞) found his Alpha female (IQ = ∞). It was worth the wait.

To quote the late Andy Sameul Griffith (1 June 1926 - 3 July 2012),
"Ain't nuthin', wurth anithin', what's easy."

The following is a piece of writing submitted by CdnGhost on July 27, 2012
"Both my wife and I have been Formally Married, and both marriages failed. They failed because a piece of paper basically said that we didn't have to work at the marriage.
This time, we've chosen a smarter route: Common Law.
Common Law Marriage is much better for three reasons: it's less expensive, it inconveniences far fewer people and you have to work at the marriage every single day!"

C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie

Tip-toeing on cloud tops, happy and free,
Totally oblivious of the disaster to be.
We've both been there, and will be again.
For the Meaning of Life is Failures' Refrain.
Without getting "It" wrong, can we ever know right?
I think not (I hope not!) for my future is Bright.
In Wedlock, light to deep, the sky's azure blue.
Mouth shut, eyes open, I'm in love with you.

© CdnGhost -22 July 2012

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