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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 18, 2012
"A poem about the early morning hours. Not quite what I expected, but that's the fun of writing freestyle. You never know where it'll end up untill you get there. That's certainly true with this piece."

3:30 in the Morning

I look at the computer's time.
3:30 am it says as it looks at me.

I'm must be crazy or hearing things,
I just thought I heard a jingling key!

My heart begins to race and I think real fast.
If someone else is in the house
(other than my family)
there'll be this big tragedy
I might be stupid, call me dumb or slow,
but I'm going to be the one that last.

My body gets prepared to fight or flight,
while my stomach turns into butterflies
I wish my dad would wake up, and turn on a light.

But then I begin to realize.
Somebody is here unwanted,
fear begins to rise.

I wonder should I just go back to bed,
maybe if I go back to sleep.
Wait, I can't I have to be the hero!
Move! I say to my legs though they feel like lead.

Suddenly, the figure is before me,
I don't know who it, or what, it is
I cry out with a squeal,
I can't believe this is happening, is this real?

Something hits me and I see colors
for a second or two I think I'm safe.
Then I wake up, and I'm on my face.

I can't go into details, there's too much pain.
I wish I could've done something that night,
the thoughts keep coming and they're driving me insane.

The good news is, the burglar was caught.
He tried to stesl from our neighbor's, our neighbor fought

Jack doesn't play when it comes to safety
us kids were scared, our homes broken into.
A little innocence lost, we always leave our lights on now.
Our neighbors are closer, they came to our aid rapidly.

The burglar was only 21. He got at least 15 years.
That won't do for what he did, he scared the crap
out of us. Now my eyes flow easily with tears.

This has gotten me closer to Jack, he's my best friend.
Even though he's old enough to be my dad, he told me
he'll protect me with his life,
he'll be there into the end.

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