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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 16, 2012
"Ever wondered what a balloon would say to you if it could think? Well maybe this story can clue you in."

Helium Balloon

Boy, I can't wait! In about 30 minutes I'm going to be inflated with helium! I'll soon be able to fly! If you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's ok. "You" are not a balloon. I can understand...or maybe I can't. What's it like not being able to fly? Oh sure, you say, I can fly. I'll just get into an airplane or a hot air balloon and off I go! You humans have to use assistance....I don't, I'm made to fly. From
my birth in the factory to my inflation to my demise. I'm made to soar.

See I know your problem, you can't fly on your own. Yet, you look at the birds
and wish to soar like the eagle without a care in the world. You crave the simple times, you remember? Back when you was young, when the only thing you had to
care about was if Samantha was single or not. Now a days you have deadlines to keep, appointments to cancel and a job to do. You can't ride the air currents like a vulture or glide thousands of feet above the planet oblivious to what's going on the surface. No. You have kids to feed, a boss to please, a wife who doesn't like your friends, neighbors who ride by so fast you're afraid to let your 8 year old son cruise on the road. You have that sink that refuses to stop leaking, in-laws from hades and a car that works when it feels like it.

Me on the other hand, I have only one job. What's that? To make a child happy. All I have to do is be there when Nate or Jodie or Kyle or whatever your kids' name is and let him choose me. "That" is the best feeling in the whole world. You
get to make a child's day. Who doesn't like balloons? From as early as one or two years of age we balloons have been putting smiles on people's faces. I don't care who you are. From a dishwasher to a physician at a hospital. From the lower class to the highest classes in society. We balloons make people smile.

Whoa, it's my turn! Here we go! Now I'm lighter than the air you breathe. "I" am the ultimate flyer. I use no energy, I'm as silent as an alarm clock in a vacuum sealed jar. I'm the symbol of fun. Of a time long ago when work consisted of digging mud holes and making ramps for your bike. I symbolize all of that. You
buy me for your son. And he loves it! Do you see the glimmer in his eye? Can you
feel his quickening heartbeat and shallow breaths. He wants the biggest balloon they have! I'm five times bigger than the rest. I'm soo big, if I were a ball you could hide your son in me and never find him again. I'm the king of balloons.
Look at me playing with your son! He doesn't even know me and we're already friends! If I were a human you'd have to screen me, do a background check and
check my references before I could be around your son. But, I'm a balloon. The only danger we pose is if your son chews on me and he chokes. You see, I have it
better than you (Snip!)

OH NO! Help! My string's broke! I'm floating away, somebody quick get an adult! Oh my, oh my! I'm now in a tree, your son is crying. Hurry up, come and bring me down. Wait! Where are you guys going?? I'm still up here. Oh wow, what did
you just buy your son? Please, somebody come and get me out of this tree! Why
is everyone crowding around the birthday boy? Ok now you're going to get me down. What's that in your son's hands? OH NO, NOT THAT!!! (POP!)

"Eric, how do you like your BB gun?" "I love it, dad! But, I wish my balloon wouldn't have gotten stuck in the tree." "Yeah, but it proved to be a great target, huh?" "Yeah, it did" "Hey dad," Eric said. "Yeah?" "I love you."

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