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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 23, 2012

I Can't Decide...

(Wow, this is going to be easy, I talk to myself all the time. NOW, you'll get a sample of what it's like to be me)

Knock, Knock! I think to myself, "I wonder who's at the door?" I get off the computer and walk to the door. Upon opening it, I see that it's my best friend from a couple apartments down. I'm stuck in a situation, I tell my friend, "Hold on." "I've got to do something right quick....

"Ok, James do you wana go outside?" "NO, I don't!" "What? That's your best friend out there waiting for you! How could you say that?" "Because I have "work" I have to do! You know that!" "Pssssshhh, it can't wait?" "NO!" "And why not?"
"Because you have important work that "has" to be done! Not only that, but you can't spend your day playing all the time!" "I don't." "You have a website to build,
have you started?" "No." "And why not?" "Because, I was watching some youtube videos about parkour." "So when do you think you're going to work on the website?" "Ummm, tonight." "Why are you putting it off? You're procrastinating!"
"No I'm not. I just want to hang out with my friends." "What's more important?"
"They both are." "What are you going to prioritize first?" "If I don't make connections with my friends, what's the use of making the website?" Sighs, "The
reason you're making the website is to give the children around the neighborhood some activities so they can learn and aquire new skills!" "I know"
"If the website isn't completed the parents will not have enough info. to let their kids come to your activites." "I know!" Siiigghhhh, "then....why....aren'" "If I don't make relationships "with"
the kids, they're not going to want to come to the activities." "So, you're just going
to play with the kids alllll day and not work on the website?" "No, I'm going to work on it." When you're good and ready to, huh?" "Uh......yeah." Breathes out slowly, "You're never going to get it done James, and do you know why?" (Smack lips) "Why?" "Because, you're always going to find something to occupy your time.
You always procrastinate and you always leave things half-done. You're a procrastinator and you'll never get anything done, James." (heart crushed feeling) "Yes, I will." "No, you won't!" "Yes I will." won't!" "Man, I'm going
out there. My friend came and I'm not going to make him go home!"
(Opens the door. "Hey Jacob." "Hey James. What were you doing?" "Oh, nothing, just talking to myself.")------------------------------------

This happens a lot to me. I don't have anybody to talk to. Rather than to go crazy I've found the most wonderful person. Someone to hear all my stories, jokes and secrets to. Someone who'll never betray me. Someone......who understands me and who is always on my level..............................ME!!!!!!!!

(To all you think out loud people out there, I understand.)

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