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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 30, 2012

Night Time

I sit here waiting for the morning. I don't want to go to sleep! I know my body needs
it, but it's like a habit I can't get rid of. Sometimes, I'm scared to fall asleep. The dark
scares me sometimes, and I'm grown! There's something about the dark that I don't
like. Maybe it's the feeling that something is in your room with you? Maybe it's the fact that the most frightening time for a burglary is in the wee hours of the morning?
Maybe it stems from past events of big brothers scaring me? I don't know. But at the
same time, I love the night! It's my friend. From the trees that used to turn into huge
alien-like worms to riding a bicycle alone on the long expanse of the road listening to
crickets and watching the stars slowly carve their way across the night sky. It's very
peaceful, hardly any cars, nobody outside, (talking about a small country town) the
earth sleeps. This is a time for reflection, reviewing the day's events in the movie theater of the mind. Learning lessons and getting closer to GOD. I wish the earth was blanketed in a darkness all the time. That would be very cool! Well, it's bedtime now,
almost 4 in the morning. At 3:30a.m. I was looking at pictures on facebook.

I'm pretty tired now, my body tells me it's ready to sleep. My mind says, "NO!" My body says, "YES!"........My body wins.

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