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A series that chronicles my path to getting away from fear.

by co083121

The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on April 9, 2012
"I realize that fear holds me back from achieving a lot in life. One thing in particular I'm afraid of more then other things. I'm a christian and I've come to the realization that christians are sometimes killed. For this and other reasons, I can't share my faith. That's all going to change, and I'm documenting my change."

Part 1

This is practice........practice for something I may have to be ready for in my future. I once heard it said you have to be prepared to die in order to really live. If you've ever seen
Stan Lee's Superhumans on the history channel, you've probably come across a guy with
super balance. I watched him do his death-defying stunts and wondered if he got scared.
He said something that has stuck with me for several months.

The host asked him, (before the super balancer balanced on some chairs off a 1,000ft cliff)
"Are you scared of anything?" He replied, "Not really. When you reach a point in life where you're not afraid of dying any longer, you really start living."

When he said that, it blew me away! Here is a man who not only does deadly activities, but explains why he does it! My experience with trying new stunts on my bicycle led me to
internalize that saying. I've known this all along, but it took somebody who practices it to the extreme for me to realize how important that statement was. My fear keeps me back from enjoying a lot of what life has to offer. For me, it has stopped me from telling people
what I believe and why. Simply put, I'm afraid of being picked on, bullied, hurt or worse.
So, this is part 1 of a mini-journal of my journey to losing my fear. When this journal is done I'll no longer be afraid of death.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on April 15, 2012
"A multi-part series that I'm doing. In the end, hopefully I'll chronicle my path from being afraid to being unafraid."

Part 2

I've finished reading this book that talks about going through different forms of
physical pain (getting beat up, stabbed, tortured, etc.) in order to tell people about GOD. There I said it. Some people will probably be offended or simply brush off what I'm going to talk about. Oh well, but, I'm convinced that I can die
because I believe in GOD. Ok, just so we're clear of what GOD I'm referring to. I'm talking about the christian GOD. The one who is supposed to be responsible for christianity and the bible. That GOD is the one I refer to. From this point on, I'm only talking about that particular one.

I'm aware of people dying for this faith. I naturally don't want any of this, but I feel it's coming no matter what I do. Have you ever felt you knew what was going
to happen in your future? Have you ever felt like you knew what hardships would come if you chose a certain career? What can you expect if you want to become a
parent? How about a cop? What about a doctor? Each of these jobs have risks associated with them and things that will naturally happen as a result of your choice. My career I believe will include some not-so-happy-times to say it nicely.

If it was up to me. I'd become a world-famous engineer who invented something and got rich off of it and got a Nobel prize for it. I'd have my own technological empire. THAT is my dream! But I realize there's much more to life than me. I'll at some point write a story about myself if I chased that dream instead. But... time to focus back on the topic. I've got a new word to study:Christian Hedonism.

Christian: a person who belives in Jesus Christ.
Hedonism: the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good.

I don't buy into this hedonism stuff though. that's why I'm going to study it. But, that's a future topic...

The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on May 14, 2012

Part 3

So, I've had counseling about my fear and I'm going to face it hopefully tomorrow. Nothing should happen, I remember when I used to be scared
of dogs. There's a road that runs in front of the house I grew up in. Before I could get to my house, there was this house that was between me and getting home. It had dogs. These dogs would run out of their yard to chase me. I think they made it their mission to bite me. If you ever had a decision that you didn't want to make you can understand my
position. I had a choice. Either go forward and face getting bit or ride all
the way around the block. Now this wasn't your typical city block, this was a country block. How far around.....6 miles! That was a country block! You know when you're in the city you just can take a stroll and walk to your friend's house who lives several blocks away. No Biggie! If you decide to walk a couple country blocks, you better have a good pair of walking shoes because it's going to take a while! Well, I wasn't about to ride my bike 6 MILES to get home! So, my only option was to ride a couple hundred feet and get home. Those were some of the scariest moments of my teenage life. I've never been more scared, more heart-broken that I had to make a trip that I didn't want to make, more closer to the point to all out crying than I was then. Of all of my scary experiences as a youth, this period was in the top 5. And I
had to face it and go through it. Am I thakful
that I had to go through it? YES. I am not scared of dogs, in fact, I'm almost devoid of fear when it come to dogs. So I realize that I have to face my fear of witnessing to people.

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