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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Douglas on September 20, 2007

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

Silently he sat at the at the keyboard waiting for the muses to strike. The timer said: 0:05.

He cracked his knuckles, and tipped his head from side to side until he heard a crack in his neck as well. The timer said: 0:55.

He studied the items on his desk. What could he write about? An empty coffee cup? No,'s not empty; there's still about a half an inch of cold coffee left in the bottom of the cup. Probably he should wash it out.


Hm. A telephone. Could he write about a telephone? Maybe a story about a telemarketer. No...telemarketers just raised his blood pressure. Can't spend time thinking about them.


Maybe with some food in his stomach he'd be able to come up with something worth writing about before his fifteen minutes was up. He went to the refrigerator and poked around amidst the long expired milk and eggs, the wilted lettuce, and the limp celery. Nothing appealed to him. Maybe he should just drive down the street to the convenience store and get some chips.


He groaned. The timer was running all this time. Now his time was almost up, and he still didn't have a topic to write about. Frantically, he began browsing other entries on the site, trying to get ideas.


Suddenly, he had a brainstorm. He could write about that annoying clock at the top of the screen that kept track of how long he'd been writing.

Eagerly he brought his fingers down onto the keyboard to begin typing...

Silently he sat at the at the keyboard waiting for the muses to strike. The timer said: 0:05...

Then, keystroke by keystroke, he backed up, deleting what he'd written.

With a sigh he muttered, "It's probably already been done before, anyway."


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