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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Eric on March 7, 2009
"Inspired by a picture of Wilson's Promontory, Victoria Australia."

Sea and Sand

The mourning draperies which were the clouds seemed to hide behind the lofty, peering mountains. Below that, however, was a sea, an interminable body of water, stretching on endlessly for miles and miles. It was a sea the colour of lead, under a sky the colour of smoke. A slish slosh, the sound of the wrinkles in the water bullying the adjacent shore could be heard, and bullying it was.

The sandy shore, whose glitter was dulled by the smoke of the sky seemed to falter behind the massive majesty of the sea. Indeed, it seemed to hide in some small crevice, perhaps, between the mountain -- a mountain of greenery, dark, dark, green, almost black, and rock, emissaries of gold -- and the thick, molten lead that was the sea.

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