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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on November 27, 2007
"These questions were taken from a sheet I was given for Business Communication class. I'm applying for a position as an IT guy in some big corperation.

Disclaimer: The answers are NOT what I'm going to give during my practice interview. I HIGHLY do NOT recommend answering ANY job interviewer like this! "

A job interview

Q. Tell me something about yourself.
A. What about myself?

Q. What kind of a job are you looking for?
A. IT work with people that i can explain my work to.

Q. Why do you want to work for this company?
A. $$$

Q. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
A. Not that I know of....

Q. How is your health? Have you had any major illnesses?
A. I don't think so.

Q. What is your educational background?
A. Too much education.

Q. How do you feel about working overtime?
A. Ain't working overtime part of working with an IT department?

Q. What do you think qualifies you for this job?
A. Experience. LOTS of experience.

Q. When can you begin work?
A. Depends. When's my first vacation?

Q. Do you have reliable transportation?
A. Depends. Does a 1988 Volvo count as reliable?

Q. What kind of work have you done in the past?
A. Lots.

Q. How much do you expect to be paid for this job?
A. More than my last job.

Q. Do you have an questions?
A. Should I?

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