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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on October 15, 2007
"Some of this is written from personal experience, but some of it isn't. "

Missing things

You never really know how much you'll miss something until you actually lose it.

For example, if you have a dog, he may seem like a nuisance. Then he runs into the road and gets creamed by a semi. Then you realize how much he meant to you, and how much you'll miss him now that he's gone.

As a kid, you're parents can seem like they put lots of restrictions and "Can't do's" on you. Then you grow up and realize that they had a point when they told you not to do something. But by then you're grown up and off on your own. You're parents no longer have ultimate control over the way you live, and you begin to miss that fact.

Say you have a friend that you have complete trust in. He's told you everything there is to know about himself, and you've done the same to him. What happens when one of you breaks that trust? Can you ever repair that relationship? You never realize how much that relationship meant to you until you lose it.

It's the same way when someone you know dies. You think of hundreds of things that you wish you'd said to that person, but it's too late now. You'll never have the chance on this earth.

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