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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on November 1, 2007
"I've been trying to come up with an idea like this for some time. Hope I'm not stealing any ideas from you Janee"

The Fable of the Proud, Young Knight

How proudly the knight rode out to his first battle! In full armor on his charger he galloped toward the enemy.

How proudly he had boasted to his comrades before. "Today, I will take five prisoners." He said. Many of the older knights shook their head and said nothing.

How proudly he had boasted to his younger friends, about how he had not recoiled at the dubbing ceremony. "When the sword came down on my shoulders I didn't even flinch." His friends admired him, and said "What a great warrior he will be!"

Now he rode toward the enemy at a full gallop, a length and a half ahead of his line. A massive army, twenty thousand strong, ran to meet him. He lowered his lance at the opposing army.

Two lengths ahead of his comrades he charged into the enemy ranks. His lance was knocked from his hand. Out swept his sword from it's sheath.

Before he even had time to swing it, one, single arrow, from one, single archer flew at him. Fate seemed to guide it's flight, as it sped toward the young, proud knight. It struck him in a weak spot of his armor, and pierced his side.

The proud knight fell dead from his horse, where his body was trampled by the oncoming army.

Now there are several morals to this story. One of them is Wait for your friends, or bad things may happen!. Another one is Proud young knights shouldn't be in the front lines. Still another is The greatest warrior on earth may be slain by a single arrow. But I think that the best one is Pride always comes before a fall.

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