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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on May 13, 2008
"Ok, I dunno if this quite fits the prompt, but the LOTR series has been my favorite books for....a long time..."

Lord of the Rings Revisited

My orders were simple. Follow them, and make sure that they were not harmed, only reveal myself to them under the most desperate of circumstances, and do everything in my power to make sure that they continued their journey unhindered.

Well, I did lose them for a little bit, while they were trying to cross that mountain, and then decided to go through the mines under it. I must admit, I thought that once the doors to the mines had been shut, I would never find them again, but then I realized that my only hope was to go back up and try and cross over the mountain.

The severe weather that had forced them through the mines had subsided by this time, and I crossed the pass with relative ease. I soon caught up with them. Then I met and convinced several of my friends to join me, because I feared that they would be overtaken by some evil.

They took boats down the river to the falls, and my friends and I followed close behind, although always out of sight.

It was then, after they had camped at the falls that I realized something was amiss.

I followed one of the halflings as he wandered away from the camp and was accosted by one of the men. I watched as the man attacked the halfling, who then disappeared. Then I realized something wasn't right. I ran back to the place where my friends and I had camped, only to discover my friends dead, and the last of a band of orcs disappearing into the trees. I hid in the bushes until they had cleared, and then ran back to warn the fellowship.

It was hard to get a sense of direction in those woods. Old monuments were scattered among the trees, and many of the stone figures looked similar. As I was racing through the trees, I heard an orc bellowing orders, and the sudden clash of metal on metal.

Quietly, I drew my sword as I heard several orcs rushing down the hill in my direction. I ducked into some bracken, and they ran by me. Then I jumped out, slicing one of them in the stomach, and bringing my sword back around to catch another in the head.

The orcs that had already gone by turned around in shock and ran back up the hill. I knew there were too many of them for me to take at once, so I rushed back up the hill, trying to find one of the fellowship.

I then came across another band of orcs running toward me. Swinging my sword over my head, I let loose a cry and cut into their ranks. This caught them off guard, and I was able to fell half a dozen before I encountered any real resistance.

I rushed up the steps of one of the monuments, fighting all the way. I then jumped back off and ran.

Then I heard it. The clarion call of a horn, rising above the cries of the orcs, and the distant sounds of fighting. I knew that horn. It was the horn of Boromir, son of Gondor. I rushed toward the sound, bowling over an orc that came rushing at me.

I knew that Boromir would never sound his horn unless he was in serious trouble. I ran faster. But seven orcs overtook me, and I was forced to fight again.

I again used my surprise tactic, turning and cutting wildly into them. I killed all seven orcs, but the horn kept blowing. And then it was cut short. With a dread in my stomach, I ran on, until I came to a clearing. Boromir was there, as well as two of the halflings. Dead orcs lay all around him, and he kept fighting. With a sickening feeling, I saw the an orc leisurely draw a bow and knock an arrow. My feet felt nailed to the ground as the orc let the arrow fly, and it caught Boromir square in the chest.

As I started to run into the clearing, another band of orcs came up behind me. I did not see them, until it was too late, and one of them knocked me on the head with a club. The last thing I remembered was Boromir rising up to fight again with an arrow in his chest.

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