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The Siege of Syrn

by Josiah T.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: The Siege of Syrn

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Josiah T. on February 8, 2008

The Siege of Syrn: Part XXVIII

Arem looked out over the city, and saw smoke rising from the Thargonite camp behind the city. He stood back in reserve along with forty or so other men. They were mounted on the city's supply horses to charge in unsuspectingly if need be.

The Thargonites had breached the gate, but his men were holding their own at the moment. But now he saw the smoke. Dirk must have succeeded! His heart leapt as he saw about half the attacking Thargonite force pull and about face and rush back out toward the town and back toward the camp.

Dirk and his band of horsemen entered the charred remains of the town. A few embers glowed here and there, but for the most part the fire had burned itself out.

He looked up at the first wall and saw Thargonites pouring from the gate. The diversion was working! The Aidarians waited for the Thargonites to gain some ground. After a few minutes, Dirk spurred his horse into a gallop and drew his sword. His men followed. Those who had spears lowered them.

They galloped at full tilt down the ash-covered streets. Thargonite spearmen rushed to the front of the line. They halted in the former town square where there was a relatively open space.

Dirk swung his sword over his head. In another few seconds he was on the line of Thargonites. With a loud cry he slashed down. In another few seconds the other horsemen were on the line too. Several fell to the spearmen.

Arem heard Dirk's cry above the din of battle. Then he screamed, "CHARGE!!" His sword swept from it's sheath as he spurred his horse forward. The Aidarian line parted as the horsemen charged through.

The Thargonites fell back and began to retreat. The rest of the Aidarian footmen followed, inspired by Arem's charge and the burning camp in the back.

Dirk's horse reared and nearly unseated him. He blocked a blow with his shield and slashed again and again. The other horsemen behind him seemed to be fighting brilliantly as well, considering that an hour before they'd been captives.

Despite this, however, more and more Thargonites were coming from the city. He had no idea how many there actually were, or even why more were coming. Were there more than he had anticipated? He was beginning to think his plan may have not been as well designed as he had thought.

Arem and his horsemen raced through the Thargonite lines riding down the enemy. The footmen followed cleaning up the remainder that the horsemen missed.

Dirk's horse reared again and fell, this time with a spear in it's side. He threw himself clear just in time. His companions saw him fall and strove to get to him, but the sheer mass of Thargonites was too great. Dirk picked himself up, dropped his shield and began fighting his way back toward his friends.

Then he heard a familiar voice above the din.

Arem continued down to the outer gate, shouting, "Fight!! Rid our land of them! Secure the city! Fight to avenge your brothers and friends! Fight!!"

The remaining Thargonites fled into the burnt city, only to be met by Dirk's horsemen who were fighting the other Thargonites. The battle, however, was far from over.

Over the haze of battle, Dirk dimly made out Arem on a horse shouting and fighting. Dirk stabbed a Thargonite in the chest. He blocked a spear and then swung around and cut the man in the stomach. The next man parried his blow. Dirk kicked the man in the stomach and he fell. On and on Dirk fought to get to Arem's side.

Arem saw Dirk struggling toward him. He spurred his horse toward his friend. As he reached him his horse tripped and fell, throwing him off.

Dirk saw his friend fall. With a shout he ran forward. A sword nicked his arm and drew blood. He ignored it and continued.

Arem picked himself up, a little shaken. The fight continued to rage all around him, and he saw Dirk fighting his way toward him. He picked up his sword which had flown from his hand when fell and rushed to meet Dirk.

The two reached each other, but as they met, a javelin came flying through the air at Dirk. Arem saw it and dove in front of Dirk. The javelin caught him square in the chest and he fell - dead.

Dirk stared in shock and disbelief, "Nooooo!! NOOOO!!!" He threw himself on the Thargonites with a fury that he had never felt before. He felt nothing, only a blind, sickening hatred toward the Thargonites. He no longer cared if the Aidarians won the battle, he only wanted to die and to take as many enemies as he could with him.

Screaming he whirled to and fro, swinging his sword in the most erratic manner. Thargonites rushed at him only to be cut down by his sword.

Dimly he heard a trumpet sound and was dimly aware of the Thargonites trying to retreat. In his rage he was not about to let them retreat, and continued blindly fighting. He was not even aware that he was being drawn back towards the Thargonite camp.

A dozen horsemen galloped up to him, riding over the Thargonites around him. They grabbed him and one of them dismounted.

"Come, it's over. We've won." They pulled him onto the horse and rode back toward the city. Dirk felt his rage being replaced by grief, greater and more bitter than he had ever known.

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