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The adventures of the Setequarl

by Mathax

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: The adventures of the Setequarl

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on December 16, 2007

The adventures of the Setequarl IV

The adventures of the Setequarl part IV

“Evasive maneuvers,” Said Captain Richard.

“They’re matching them and firing,” Said Rebecca.

“Weapon stasis?” Said Captain Richard.

“Lasers are at full power, the nuclear warheads are at 91% capacity.” Said Joseph.

“Fire all lasers at the starboard ship.” Said Captain Richard.

“Firing,” said Joseph. “they have sustained heavy damage.”

“Captain,” Said Rebecca, “I am reading a small vessel emerging from the Port ship. It is hailing us,” she added.

“Open a frequency,” Said Captain Richard.

“Open,” said Joseph.

“This is Captain Richard of the Star ship Setequarl” Said Captain Richard.

“Hello, I am Ambassador Vica, of the Sunokmar Empire.” Said the Person. “I am sorry that you are under attack, these are terrorists that have kidnapped me. They want war. This has been a issue that has been in our government for months, So the Terrorists decided to act and by kidnapping me they were going to use me as leverage to start a war.”

“So what went wrong?” Asked Captain Richard.

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