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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on September 10, 2008

Labor Day

“Hard to port,” said Captain Riker, “Evasive pattern Theta.”
“Aye, sir,” said the Helmsman.
“Return fire,” said Riker.
“Impossible,” said the Tactical Officer, for whom Riker had not bothered to get a name. “Phasers offline, and the photon torpedoes are down. Hull breach on decks 9, 13, and 25. Emergency force fields holding.”
“Engineering,” asked Riker, “What’s the possibility of getting weapons back?”
“Engineer Barclay here. Not good, the phaser power coupling is fused. I already have people working on the photon torpedoes. I’ll let you know when they are back up.”
“You do that. Riker out.” Turning to the Tactical Officer, he ordered, “Tactical update.”
“Their shields are at 5%. They have lost warp drive and torpedoes, but their phasers and impulse are not damaged too badly,” said the Tactical Officer.
“Engineering to the bridge.”
“Riker here,” responded Riker.
“Sir, photon bays 3, 5, and 10, are back up,” said Barclay.
“Helm, go to attack pattern Gamma. Tactical, fire at will,” said Riker.
The Tactical Officer responded, “Firing. Direct hit on the port impulse drive, they are leaking plasma. Firing. Their weapons array is gone. CAPTAIN, I’m reading a massive build-up in their engineering section. They are looking at a warp core breach.”
“No survivors,” said Tactical.
“Cut,” said the Director.

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