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The adventures of the Setequarl

by Mathax

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: The adventures of the Setequarl

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on January 31, 2008
"This one is a lot of talking"

The Adventures of the Setequarl X

Captain Richard, Joesph, and Rebeeca, are in the officers mess.

"You know," Said Captain Richard, "we have had a very busy time since we left home."

"Yeah, I know," Replied Joesph, "Let's see, we were attacked, saved Vica's life, Had first contact with 2 different Spiccies, had negotiations."

"I would like a definition of a 'normal' day,'' Said Rebeeca, "We have not had one yet, I think."

"Well what more would you want," joked Richard, "I mean we have had a lot of work isn't that whet our job is?"

"Well," Said Rebeeca, "I suppose it is,"

"I just remember someone we really need," yelled Joesph, "a doctor, we left port with out one."

"You are right," said Richard, "I will dispatch a message to earth to ask for one."

He left.

"I'd better be going," Said Joesph.

"Why," Asked Rebeeca, "Are you not comfortable being here with me alone?"

"Not entirely," Said Joesph.

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