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The Diary of Jean

by Mathax

I am doing this instead of the Setequarl.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on February 25, 2008
"This is set in the Hundred years of war between England and France."

The Diary of Jean

This is the first day I have kept a Diary. I just joined the army against the English. We (that is France and England) have been fighting for over 50 years. I have begun recruiting troops from the villages around. We are going to raid a prisoner train tomorrow.

This is the second day I have kept a Diary. The raid was successful. I cannot believe how easily it was to kill or capture the men. They had already been attack by bandits and their leader had been killed. We waited until they were in a wood and surrounded them with bows. After a few of them were killed the rest surrendered. I more than doubled the amount of troops I had.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mathax on March 3, 2008

The Diary of Jean part II

This has been a profitable day. I just raided a English village. I am disappointed. The villagers did not put up much resistance. We came out of it with a lot of goods and gold. I have bought myself good armor and weapons off this raid. The English are not very happy with me. They have not been able to catch me and I do not engage them if I know that I cannot win. If there were two or three other bands like mine than the English would have a very hard time trying to survive, since I have been taking there crops.

I wish...

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