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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Noah on January 30, 2011

The Tree

"If only I could fly," said the tree.
"Like the hawks that pass me by.
I'd fly to the top of the sky," said the tree.
"If only I could fly."

"If only I could run," said the tree.
"Like the farmer's happy son.
I'd run to the setting sun," said the tree.
"If only I could run."

"If only I could jump," said the tree.
"Like the frogs that sit on the stump.
I'd jump so high I'd land THUMP," said the tree.
"If only I could jump."

"But Tree," said the practical bee.
"If you could fly, and touch the sky,
There'd be no food for you.
Without the soil you'd die, it's true."

"And Tree," said the warmhearted bee.
"If you could run all the way to the sun,
The birds would have nowhere to stay,
And where would they sit during the day?"

"And Tree," said the playful, old bee.
"If you could jump like the frogs on the stump,
Where would the kids go to climb,
And sit in the shade at lunchtime?"

"I guess that you're right," said the tree.
"The whole world is not about me."

So from then on forever and ever,
The kids came to climb,
The birds to recline,
And I guess he'll be happy forever.

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