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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on September 28, 2007
"I know, the writing prompt said a short story, but I wanted to write a poem instead. I hope no one will punish me for this breach by sticking me in a burning elevator!"

Deus Ex Machina

Suspended far above the ground they sat, in a tiny little room
While far below a fire raged, and the air was filled with doom.
"Why'd we take this elevator?" was the weeping travelers' cry
"Better to have jumped, than to be stuck in here and die!"
Closer, ever closer, their fiery doom approached
They felt like helpless eggs, getting ready to be poached.
And then, to everyone's delight and joy the aliens, they came,
And from their silver spacecraft they extinguished every flame.

Tragically this poet received a literary subpoena -
To appear in court for outrageous use of Deus Ex Machina!

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