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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on November 3, 2007

Papa Rabbit Loses His Job

"Children," I said, "I have some bad news."

They sat there expectantly (all five hundred fifty two little bunnies) and waited for me to say something that rhymed with 'bad news'.

I didn't.

"What is it, papa rabbit?" they asked, trembling with fear. They knew, just from the fact that I was not speaking in iambic pentameter, that something must be seriously wrong.

"I got fired from my job today," I explained.

The littlest bunny spoke up, "Papa Rabbit, is that why you aren't rhyming?"

"Yes," I said. "They've found someone else to play the lead in the upcoming movie The Life And Times Of Theodor Geisel."

"Papa Rabbit," another said, "Does this mean you won't be rhyming any more?"

"That's right," I said sadly. "No more rhyming."

"But Papa Rabbit," they all cried in unison, "can you really stop rhyming, just like that?"

"Of course I can! Rhyming isn't an unbreakable habit! Anyone can do it! Even a Rabbit!"

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