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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rabbit Stu on March 9, 2009
"This is for scribbler. This is the true reason why I haven't written any poems for awhile. ;)"

Snake in the Grass

There's a snake in the grass, and he slithers about;
And his fangs drip with venom, his tongue lashes out,
And his lidless green eyes, with unblinking intent,
Seek an unwary victim to cruelly torment.
I met him this morning while walking to school,
And decided to be just a little bit cruel;
With a long maple branch that was sharp as a file
I just poked him and teased him and prodded awhile.
Well, I thought my new friend was enjoying the game,
But I guess that the serpent did not feel the same.
With a switch of his tail and a long angry hiss,
He attempted to give me a venemous kiss,
But I'm not a fool, and in fact I'm quite clever,
I just used what I had to impede his endeavor.
And that, Mrs. Williams, is the full, complete story,
In all of its wonderful, marvelous glory.
So you see that detention's an unfair confinement -
If you'd believe that a serpent would eat my assignment.

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