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Eight Hours in The Lions Den

by Michael Pratt

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Eight Hours in The Lions Den

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on November 24, 2008
"Please critique as well as the other parts of this story."

Eight Hours in the Lions Den

The guards struggled to roll the stone over the entrance and the Darius sealed the stone, not to be open til morning. The guards stood beside the entrance to stand guard to ensure that no one would attempt to open the entrance. The King informed the guards not to leave the entrance till morning.

“I sure hope that Daniel survives the nitght.” Thought Darius as he turned and walked towards his quarters.

The walk seemed like years. The King could not get Daniel off his mind. He was a good friend to him. All Darius could think about is those lions in that pit ripping Daniel to shreds and that by morning those lions would have Daniel devoured before morning.
Arriving at his quarters Darious changed and got ready for bed. As he lay in his bed he does nothing but toss and turn and when he does get some sleep he wakes up in a cold sweet from dreaming about those lions tearing up Daniel then coming after him.

The pit Daniel was thrown in had some lighting from torches that Daniel believed was put in the pit so that the Lions could see what they were eating. The floor was a dirt floor and the walls looked like the walls of a small cave with jagged rocks protruding from its surface. Daniel could see remains of other people all over the floor in front of him. Bones of others completely stripped of the flesh and chalky white like they have been here for a long time. Some the boones looked as if they haven’t been down here very long and looked as if there was still a little flesh attached to them.

Daniel layed still for what seemed like hours. He hoped that if he could just stay still he could make it through the night . His heart pounded. So hard that he was concerned that the lions could hear it. The lions were round about him growling and pacing all over the pit. At one point it felt as if one of them was right over him because he could feel the hot breath on the back of his neck. Daniel closed his eyes expecting the lion and any moment to tear in to him. Then all of a sudden the lighting seemed to become brighter and brighter.

“Thats odd.” Thought Daniel. He wondered if someone was coming in to rescue him maybe the King had second thoughts and decieded to not have him killed.

Daniel opened his eyes. The light that was shining looked a lot brighter than your standard torch, much brughter, in fact the light was white!

“Daniel, Daniel, fear not of the lions for I have shut their mouths.”, The voice spoke.

It startled Daniel as he jerked his head up and roled over to see what it was. Daniel had to squint and practically cover his eyes as he tured over to see where the voice was coming from. There stood a bright figure. Daniel was scared so much he crab walked away so fast he hit the side of the wall bumping his head.

“Fear not!” The figure stated, “God had sent me to protect you from the lions. You have been a faithful servant.”

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