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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 6, 2008
"This is actually a Christmas program that I am involved in. The setting is at a party!"

Memorable Christmas Party

I would have to say this years party is the most memorable. Well not really a party but I have a speaking part in our church program which is set up at a party. I am normally just a part of the choir but this year is much different. I made it clear I cant do any sort of solos but, for some reason I was assigned a part. The first several practices I have had were absolutely devastating in fact I had it in my mind that there was no way I could act.

My part is not that difficult. I have done open air preaching. Taught in front of classes and other things but for some reason I stand up and put an act on I vapor-lock and dump my lines.

After stating my situation to the director. She told me we have no alternative actors and she told me not to decide to be sick. Well after a few more sessions I had been praying to the Lord to help me and to take over. Now I am just nervous at the beginning until I get up there. Then there is a great peace that comes across and a vail is put over my eyes so I cant see the audience!

I am supposed to talk about some Sheppard and sheep ornaments that I have made solely out of Applesauce and Cinnamon with glue to set it up. You talk smelling good! These are the best smelling ornaments I have ever smelled! I was tempted to take a big huge bite out of them! Of course that would not have been a very good idea.

I am now looking forward to the day we go on! God has truly revealed that if Jesus can be for me who can be against me! I pray that God can get all the glory out of this Christmas program!

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