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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 23, 2008
"I liked this prompt."

Snow, Snow, Snow!

The large snowflakes fell and covered the trees and ground. Some say that the snowflakes have brains and even can talk and if you listen closely you can hear what they are saying as you walk about.

"Hey Bob." Mr Snow said.

"Hey Joe." Mr Freeze said.

"I see you finally got chosen to fall to the earth. I didn’t think I would ever get the chance. After all I have been waiting for several years to get chosen."

"Yeah, what a ride it was to the earth! That was so awesome. I am looking forward to doing it again. I can't wait for the evaporation so I can return to the heavens."

"How much longer do you think the rest of the crew will take to fall?"

"I am not sure but it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon."

"Loooook out!!!", The voice screamed as George White fell almost crushing Bob and Joe and landing next to them. "That was close!"

"Hey George." Bob and Joe replied. They both looked at each other and thought oh great now we are in trouble. George seems to bring bad luck with him everywhere he goes. The worst part is it effects everyone around him as well. At one point they were told that George caused a huge problem in one city by causing a car wreck on the highway causing a lot of damage and injuring lots of people. Joe and Bob looked around expecting something to happen right away but nothing yet.

"Hey Guys was that cool or what dropping out of the sky like that? I tell you what I almost didn’t make it. On my way down I almost got sucked in an intake of a Boeing 747 but I missed it. Then I almost got eaten by a sparrow flying by but blew by that as well."

Joe was about to say something when everything went dark. "What the......" Smash a foot come down on top of all of them and as the foot lifted up Joe and the rest of the group were attached to the persons shoe. They screamed as the shoe come down in to a puddle.

Joe, Bob and George didn’t have a chance they hit the puddle and melted to be returned back to the heavens for another winter day.

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