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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on November 17, 2008
"Just messing around one day and wrote this short story without an ending. If anyone wants to finish it add it to the comments."

The Cliff

Sam Davis was hanging on a rope and the rope was slowly unwinding. The treacherous cliffs below were reaching up to him and telling him come on Sam its easy let the rope go and it will be all over with. Sweat of fear was flowing down his face and into his eyes. His eyes stung like having pepper spray sprayed into his eyes. He dared not try and wipe his eyes because if he did he would plunge to his death. His muscles ached from holding on with his dear life. Thoughts of his family, Sarah his wife, Johnny and Timothy his two boys.

"My boys couldn't go on without a father let alone my wife without a husband, " he thought.

The rope jerked as another strand snapped. Sam's heart skipped a beat.

"I am not going to let this happen!" He thought.

Anger started to well up. Sam looks around frantically and notices a small ledge about 12 feet bellow that looked large enough to stand on and strong enough to hold. The only problem was that it was slightly off to the right from where he hung.

"Maybe, " Sam thought, "If I could just swing over and time it just right I just may make it."

"What if I don't make it? My family will devastated"

"That's the chance I have to take. If I don't I will die anyway."

Sweat continued to burn his eyes. Snap goes another strand on the rope.

"It's now or never." Sam told himself.

"God give me strength."

Sam starts to swing to the left first then to right. The second time a little further. Snap goes another strand.

"Here goes nothing, " he thought as he pushed hard off the rocks one last time.

Sam is hurled through the air as he swings to the right. SNAP! The final strand breaks loose and Sam is now free falling to the ledge.

"Oh God help me!" he screams.

The 12 foot fall seemed for ever. Time seemed to stop. Closer and closer he falls. Sam lands on the ledge with a big thud a snap as a piercing pain shoots up his leg. He had broken something but he made it to the ledge. He looks down at his leg heart still racing 200 miles per hour. His leg was twisted around the opposite way. His bone protruded from the side of his calf and bleeding. Sam tried to move it but pain was unbearable. The lower part of his leg laid there limp and lifeless. It have been completely snapped in half!

"You really did this time didn't you. Now instead of dying a quick death on the rocks below your going to die slow by bleeding to death", He thought.

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