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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 13, 2008
"Just getting in some practice. I know that there are some inconsistencies with this story but practice makes perfect. Let me know what I can do to improve or edit it."

The Hallway Was Silent - Writing prompt.

The hallway was silent. The only thing you could hear was the faint sound of a drinking fountain's chiller. Z cautiously walked down the hall scanning every room. Z thought about how this hall was once filled with students of all sorts passing through to the next class or going to their lockers for books to their next class. That was all gone now. The school stands silent and empty. Some of the classes still had books and bags on the desks as if the students were still there but may have left for the bathroon or to another location.

Z entered the biology room and looked around. The room had several lab tables with books open and papers scattered. There was a cage sitting on a table with its door wide open and whatever animal that was in there was not around or had escaped because someone left the cage door open. On another table sat several chemicals and flasks with hoses going from flask to flask and hanging on stands. It reminded Z of a mad scientists labratory and he was about to create some concoction to take over the world.

Z approached another desk that had a computer on it which was still on. He moved the mouse and the screen saver disappeared to reveal a document open displaying the words. GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS. Z stared at the screen for what seemed like a life time. The thoughts of what happened several weeks ago played back in his head.

"I can't believe this happened."

There was a noise that caught Z's attention he turned to see where it came from. Z headed toward the entrance to the room. peaking out the hallway looking left and right.


"Is anyone there?"

The noise was heard again. This time Z was able to get the direction of where it came from. It sounded as if a locker door was being shook. Z headed right slowly and quietly down the hall. Z's heartbeat felt as if it was going to jump out of his chest. The noise occured again. Z's head turned and caught glimps of the locker door moving. Something was inside!

"Hello? Can someone let me out please I can't open the door." a voice from the locker said.

"Hold on a second I am coming." Z said.

Z reached for the handle and opened the door. There stood a small boy about five foot with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked to be about 14 years old. He was wearing a shirt that stated "Hello my name is Mr. No It All"

"How in the world did you get in there?"

"I was with some friends of mine and they put me here and ran off."

"Some friends."

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