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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 11, 2008
"This is something that just popped into my mind but I have not put a title to it yet. I have been dealing with a little bit of writers block for the past week or more plus been busy with work and other things. If you have any suggestions on a title post it below as well as any suggestions. I am not sure how to write out document that a character is reading so I guessed...... If someone can help me out there it would be great too. I am still learning.... :) "


Access denied the comuter screen responded.

"Crap, I wonder what it could be" said Z under his breath.

Thinking for a moment a password popped into his head he remembered from a while back. n-e-o-4-7-5 hitting enter the screen switched and gave Z access to the document.

At the top of the document it was labeled in big letters ULTRA TOP SECRET. He kept reading down.



The following document provides the results of sending a human through a bend in time to a designated date and time in the past.

Z skimmed through several pages of the document until he came to what he was looking for.

Tests showed that the time warp the test subject encountered was successfull and was able to travel from current day December 7th 2010 to December 7th 1942 and return with very little side effects. Test subject only complained of a moderate to severe headache for a few minutes but subsided. There were no noticable deformities or other health related issues. Test subject was able to return to current time with evidence of the era and brought back a newspaper. We were only able to travel back in time on the current day not any other days.

"They did it." He said "They acctually did it!"

Z thought about how he could utilize this to his advantage. He thought of how he could become rich with this information and even take over the world by changing the past in to whatever he wanted. No, he thought I am not that kind of person. He then thought about his girlfiend sarah who had died three years ago a week from now whom he loved so much.

"You can save her you know" the voice in Z's head said. "You can have her back."

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