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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on December 16, 2008
"This is from a free writers course that I am taking from the web. This is the first lesson out of seven days."

Uses for Punched Paper

1. You them as a dit-dot bomb setting them up so when an individual sits at a chair or opens up a cabinet it will dump on them in some way.

2. Use them as a decoupage of some way on a small box if they are different colors, shapes and sizes.

3. I you have enough of them you can use them in a shipping box while shipping something in the mail.

4. If you are sending a birthday card you can use them in the card as confetti type filler in the card.

5. Put them inside a clear balloon for parties.

6. Use them for a wedding as confetti instead of rice.

7. Recycle them (go green) by making your own paper using the dit-dots.

8. Use them on a card for decoration by gluing them on as an accent to the card.

9. You can use them in a scrapbook page to add a decorative look.

10. Depending on the type of dit-dots you have you can make a snow globe with a container. They would have to be some type of plastic that would not break down.

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