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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Michael Pratt on January 20, 2009
"America as we knew it."

America as we knew it.

I have no doubt that this election year is going to be the most awe struck election in the world. I have no doubt with the way things are going that we Christians will be removed from this alien world and be called out of here if not now soon, very soon. The country as we know it will become a country of turmoil and a country that will remove the very creator that put us on the earth in the first place. I believe that what is right will be wrong and what is wrong will be right. This country is about to endure the worst 4 years of its entire life.

Say goodbye to "One Nation under God".
Say goodbye to a baby's rights and hello to partial birth abortions.
Say goodbye to a marriage between one man and one woman.
Say goodbye to a strong military that has kept this nation free.
Say hello to religious tolerance and Goodbye to truth.
Say goodbye to freedom and hello to bondage.
Say goodbye to God and hello to Satan!
Say hello to Christian persecution.
Say goodbye to Israel as an ally hello to God’s wrath.


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