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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Trent on March 27, 2013
"This is a writing exercise for a course I am taking called Tribe Writers. Expect more."

The Quest - Part 1

At the age of nineteen an American named Bruce walked into the jungle. This was no ordinary walk in the woods. It was lone trek into the Amazonian jungles of Venezuela. This was a great distance from being any kind of safe decision.

His purpose? Find a tribe. His tribe. No, he wasn’t born there. No, he did not know anyone that belonged to the tribe. But in the depths of his being, he knew. His tribe was out there and he would either find them or perish in the attempt.
Day blended into dangerous day. Weeks went by and Bruce was dangerously close to death from any number of natural causes. At last, he could go no further, his body crumpled from exhaustion.

When he awoke he realized that he was in a hut. Someone had rescued him. Was it his tribe? Falteringly Bruce tried to communicate with the unfamiliar faces that appeared in the door. They motioned for him to rest. He had to know. As he haltingly described the tribe he was looking for those who had saved his life the light finally went on. They smiled. Bruce awaited the answer. He waited, and waited and waited while the men of jungle conferred over what he had asked.

The news stuck him with despondency. No, they were not his tribe. They did know the direction that would lead him to them however. His journey was not over. There were more miles to travel. Would they come with him? He asked hopefully. They would not. But they would give him tools, supplies and direction. Bruce experienced dismay momentarily, then delight. His tribe was out there. He would keep moving.

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