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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Topazshell on March 8, 2015


"I am bored today.
My green Fairy tale book
is torn. The pages with my
Fairy Godmother in a white
silk-satiny gown are gone.
Since she is not in the story,
my days are always bored."

"Here is another storybook.
It is green too. There is a purple
giant with a gold crown on his head.
There is a tree with leaves shaped
like violins. There is a gold and ruby castle.
All the doors sparkle with sunlight.

If you ever lose the green Fairy Tale
book with my fairy wings on each page,
I will hide in the faraway snowy mountains
of Nepal and not ever return."

I found another book with a Fairy Godmother
within the pages. She has no wings.
Her dress is ragged. She's not perfect
like my Fairy-lady in the green book.

So I am still,
day after day bored with my train,
day after day bored with my dolls,
day after day bored with my toy piano.

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