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Mastermind variation with words
Find the word in the telephone pad
Create words on the letter wheels
Rearrange the matches to fix the math problem
Match color, font and letter in this strategy game.
Reveal the picture by finding the word
Build words from the letters given
Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle
Force the computer to light the last candle.

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Useful information and trivia on many subjects
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Not only are we redesigning all our games for the updated version of The Problem Site, we've also added some new games and features THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE HERE! Want to try the new site?

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A puzzle that's a bit like a Rubik's Cube
Roll the marble around the tilting maze
Match object attributes in this Junior game
Solve the riddles to find the treasure
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About this Site

The Problem Site provides a wealth of free online educational games, including math games like Adders!, which helps students practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, as well as One to Ten, which encourages problem solving skills as students try to combine four digits with the arithmetic operators to form all the numbers from one to ten.

Beyond all the math games, there are also many word games, including our Hangman game with an enormous vocabulary list, our ever popular Scrambled word game and Secret word game, and our telephone game and blackberry game.

But the fun doesn't stop there; there are also many fun strategy games and quests, like Entrapment, our geometry based dot-trapping game, the deeply perplexing Treasure Hunt, our fun physics game, and a two-player game of Connect Four in Zero Gravity

And for those who have younger children, there are also our Junior Edition Games, which are designed for children who find our other games too challenging. Professor Puzzler helps children learn about spelling, estimation and more!
And that's just the games! There are also math problems, brainteasers, printable worksheets with jumbles and word searches, a multitude of reference pages, including our popular codes and secret messages pages and our Educational product reviews.
If you get the feeling that we're just scratching the surface, you're right! You can spend months exploring this site and not cover all the fun and educational resources available free of charge!

The Problem Site is a free website designed and maintained by Douglas Twitchell, who is also a math and science teacher at Oxford Hills Christian Academy.
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