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Math Problems and Brain Teasers

New brainteasers are being posted every two weeks on the new version of The Problem Site! Scroll down to the Stop Sign icon to get started!
Brainteasers and other mind games
Graeme's challenging math problems
Practice problems for MAML competitors
Brian's calculus problem page
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About the Problem Pages

The Problem Site began as a way of sharing math problems and other kinds of puzzles (including brainteasers and word puzzles). Since then the site has grown to the point that the "Problems" section of the site is just one little corner of the site.

Don't let that fool you into thinking that there isn't much here, though. We have a wide selection of problems which were posted by several gifted mathematicians over the course of several years. Our most popular section is the HSMath section, which contains very challenging math problems within the scope of the high school math curriculum.

The Maine Page was created to help Maine math competition team members prepare for math meet competitions (though you don't need to be from Maine to enjoy these problems!)

A high school math teacher and his students briefly organized and ran a section of calculus problems geared toward students in an introductory level high school calculus class.Finally, there is the Brainfood page, which contains an eclectic mix of math brainteasers, word games, riddles, and pun-based puzzles written by the administrator of The Problem Site.

If you are a student, you can visit these pages to try out the problems, and then check the solutions. If you are a school teacher, you can borrow from here for your classroom, or - even better - send your students here to check out the problems and solutions for themselves.

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