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Codes And Secret Messages

Here you will find The Problem Site's oldest "Reference" pages; these pages were written to help explain a few different kinds of codes to students. The codes range from complex matrix codes to simple letter substitution codes. Click the links below to find out about each kind of code.

Backwards Alphabet Code

A simple code created by reversing the letters of the alphabet and substituting.

Shifted Alphabet Code

Another simple code which shifts the alphabet instead of reversing it.

Binary Code

One of the most popular pages on this site, this page explains the sort of code computers use.

Hexadecimal Code

Hexadecimal is really just base 16, but it is commonly used when dealing with computers, since it is closely related to base two.

Matrix Code

A more complex mathematical code involving matrices.

Morse Code

This code was designed not for secrecy, but to transmit information in the early days of long distance communication.

Leet Speak

A way of writing text in which symbols and numbers are substituted for letters which are similar in appearance


How to communicate with a web browser using HTML.

Hash Code

A hash code provides a way of mapping data to a fixed length response.

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