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Online Hangman Game

Welcome to Hangman at The Problem Site. This online word game provides the traditional fun of a hangman game with an extensive vocabulary list. In addition, the site provides an option to look up words, because some of the words used are obscure, archaic, or rarely used.

Customize your Hangman experience by selecting options on the game's title page. You can choose the length of words. You can also choose the length of words you will be given, and the number of incorrect guesses allowed.

Unsolved Word List

As of the writing of this rules page, the following words in the dictionary had never been solved on the site:

mohock, higgler, endenization, czarevna, quadrifid, pyaemia, dagon, quidam, fanon, shintiyan, bodkin, ambiloquy, nawab, febrifuge, feaze, frizzly, fylfot, gamic, bedizen, behoof, hygeia, azygous, bavin, huffy, hurlyburly, bayadere, assagai, homoousian, pawky, lignous, copper, jemidar, hamous, japanning, canakin, choky, mazard, electrolyze, chaparajos, gulph, methodize, hadji, acequia

Most Commonly Solved Words

At the other end of the spectrum, here are the words which have the highest solution rate. Each of these words is correctly solved more than 93% of the times played.

selection, friendless, elegance, procrastination, reinstall, unclouded, assister, investment, personation, deserved, inclosure, shortbreathed, unsatisfied

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