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Math Games

Chase the answers to arithmetic questions
Rearrange the matches to fix the math problem
Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle
Prepare for factoring with this quiz game
Use arithmetic operations to form numbers
Guess the two-digit number
Use clues to guess the three-digit number
Rearrange seven numbers to fit a specific rule
Make the rows and columns add up correctly
Rearrange the numbers in the triangle to fit the rule
Do mental arithmetic while racing the clock
Fill in the blanks to finish the arithmetic problem
Discover the answer to a probability question
Hi-Lo guessing game with fractions
Memory game with equivalent fractions
A Junior Edition game involving estimation
Math problems and brainteasers
Analysis of Vortex Math
Give assignments to students on this site
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Prepare for factoring with this quiz game
Guess the two-digit number
Problems with elegant and simple solutions
Printable synthetic division worksheets
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About Math Games

Whether you are a young child, an elementary or secondary student, you can find something at The Problem Site just for you. For young children there is an estimation game and a game to help recognize and analyze properties like color, shape, and size. Students who need to practice their facts tables (addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts, and division facts) will love our arcade style math-facts game called Adders, as well as our One to Ten Game, which requires students to combine numbers using various arithmetic operations.

Students looking for a bit of problem solving will enjoy our math scramble game, as well as our subtraction triangles game and our three variations on Side by side, a game that requires students to rearrange a list of numbers based on one of three rules.

Other fun educational math puzzles include our two-digit secret number game and our three-digit secret number game.

If students have played with magic squares, they may enjoy tackling our magical squares game, which requires players to add rows and columns to specific sums.

For those who are looking for a little bit of game practice involving fractions, there is our Hi-Lo game in which players have to guess a fraction and our two-player fraction concentration in which students have to recognize equivalent fractions.
And finally, for those who are interested in a little probability simulation, you'll want to check out our Monty Hall Three-Door Game Simulation
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