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Looking for mobile games?

Word Games

Create words on the letter wheels
Mastermind variation with words
Find the mistakes in the sentences
Build words from the letters given
Reveal the picture by finding the word
Find the hidden word in the grid

We've built more word games at Portland Proof!

Find the word in the telephone pad
Find the word in the blackberry pad
Discover the hidden word before it's too late
Illuminate the hidden word with your mouse
Yes, the computer cheats...but how?
Place the words onto the crossword grid
Our own variation on a traditional word search
Unscramble the four related words
This Junior Edition game teaches spelling
Print your own worksheets
Find the word that isn't really a word
Give assignments to students on this site
Have you tried our new games?
Not only are we redesigning all our games for the updated version of The Problem Site, we've also added some new games and features THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE HERE! Want to try the new site?

To try out the new version of the games, just type the four letters that appear below, and click "Show Me!"


Create words on the letter wheels
Find the hidden word in the grid
Yes, the computer cheats...but how?
Build and animate beautiful snowflakes!
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Assign games and activities to students!

About Word Games

Although The Problem Site began as a place to share math problems and solutions, the selection of educational word games is by far one of the most popular sections of the site. This section of the site began years ago with our hangman game with a dictionary of over 17,000 words (and, incidentally, we've since then added a version of hangman that cheats, and a less gruesome version of hangman in which a picture is revealed as the word is guessed!)

After Hangman, several other fun and simple word games were added, including our jumble-like scrambled word game and our Secret Word Game, which is like Mastermind with words instead of colors.

If you've ever played a game where you have to guess a word based on the numbers on a telephone pad, we've got that game...but we also took it a step further and added a game where you have to guess a word based on numbers and punctuation on a blackberry keypad!

Our Word Grid puzzle looks like a crossword, but with a twist, and CrossSearch is our very own cross between a word search and a crossword puzzle.

For those who like a bit more of a challenge, you can check out our Four Word Scramble game in which you have to unjumble four words from their constituent letters.
Finally, let's not forget our printable jumbles, word searches and related word searches (made from your very own word lists), our bizarre vocabulary quiz (the vocabulary is bizarre, not the quiz!), and our spelling game for young children!
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