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Print Worksheets from Word Lists!

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About Printable Game Worksheets

Printable games and printable worksheets are a perfect way to give students something fun to do while learning at the same time. Create a page of jumble-style puzzles, or a word search puzzle to give your students as a way of reinforcing vocabulary or testing knowledge of information.

The unique "clue" feature allows you to test how well students know key facts about the words in your word list. Given a clue, students should be able to unscramble or find the clue word. Or, for an extra challenge, give students a worksheet without any clues at all; this requires students to recall vocabulary words entirely from memory without any external cues.

You can use the Public Word Lists (the lists above, which were created by other teachers) or you can click "My Lists" to start creating your own word lists. Creating word lists is easy. To get started you just need to have a free membership account on the site, but a member account is easy to create, and doesn't even require a password!

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Not only are we redesigning all our games for the updated version of The Problem Site, we've also added some new games and features THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE HERE! Want to try the new site?

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Force the computer to light the last candle.
Do mental arithmetic while racing the clock
Chase the answers to arithmetic questions
Build and animate beautiful snowflakes!
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