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Congratulations! You've found one of the Easter Egg pages at The Problem Site! As you browse the site you may see random bits of text or little icons that lead to one of our secret easter eggs. Happy hunting!

Overly Verbose Clue

If you've been working at The Treasure Hunt and you're stuck on the "Overly Verbose" puzzle, you've found that Easter Egg page that gives one last hint for this puzzle!

Please note that this is a very blatant hint - in fact, it's more of a "give away" than a "hint", so if you want to continue puzzling over it, now is the time to leave this page!

Are you still here?

Are you really sure you want to read this hint?

Last chance to leave...

Okay. You asked for it!

The "Overly Verbose" puzzle is probably the second hardest puzzle in the Treasure Hunt (second only to the "Odds And Ends" puzzle, which has a hint posted elsewhere!)

The important clues in the Overly Verbose puzzle are:

  1. Half of what I say should be disregarded
  2. Half of the lines begin with a space
  3. The text of the puzzle contains the phrase "spaced out"

If that doesn't tell you what to do next, I have no more hints to give you!

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