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Word Games

Mastermind variation, with words
Reveal the picture by finding the word
Fill in the blanks to create words as fast as you can
Find the word in the telephone pad
Find the word in the blackberry pad
Discover the hidden word before it's too late
Yes, the computer cheats...but how?
Create words on the letter wheels
Illuminate the hidden word by clicking in the right places
Place the words onto the crossword grid
Find the hidden word by connecting letters in the grid.
Unscramble multiple words
Find the hidden word in the grid
Find the word that isn't really a word.
Our own variation on a traditional word search
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Math Games

Use clues to guess the three-digit number
Rearrange the matches to fix the math problem
Create the target number with arithmetic operations
Chase the answers to arithmetic questions
Puzzle - combining numbers with arithmetic operations.
Guess the two-digit number
Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle
Fill in the blanks to finish the arithmetic problem
Make the rows and columns add up correctly
Rearrange the numbers in the triangle to fit the rule
Prepare for factoring with this quiz game
Use arithmetic operations to form numbers
Do mental arithmetic while racing the clock
Discover the answer to a probability question
Arrange the numbers in a row to match the game rule.
Hi-Lo guessing game with fractions
Memory game with equivalent fractions
Try our online math quizzes.

Strategy, Quests and Puzzles

Force the computer to light the last candle
Match shapes and colors to earn points
A puzzle that's a bit like a Rubik's Cube
Match color, font, and letter in this strategy game
Connect Four in zero gravity
Test your memory with color/shape sequences
A not-quite-traditional game of three in a row
Find the mistakes!
Solve the riddles to find the treasure
Build beautiful snowflakes and watch them fall!
A very challenging series of riddles
Match the edges of puzzle pieces to fill the grid
Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle

Junior Games

Look at the pictures, then arrange the letters.
This Junior Edition game teaches spelling
Match objects by color, shape or size
Find the shape with the attributes specified
Recognize the letter names you hear
Listen for the number, then click it on the screen.
A Junior Edition game involving estimation
Build beautiful snowflakes and watch them fall!

Art Games

Can you determine the hue, saturation and lightness of a color swatch?
Can you find the color closest to the given swatch?
Build beautiful snowflakes and watch them fall!
Create beautiful 3D crafts from paper


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