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Educational Resources

This page contains a mix of resources that don't quite fit into our other categories of resources. 

Hone your writing skills with our grab bags and writing prompts
Useful lists of words sorted by letter or category.
Lesson plans designed by teachers
Reviews and lists of books we love.
Create beautiful 3D crafts from paper
Check out the best in educational products
Print your own customizable worksheets
Exploring some pseudo-math/science.
Simulate population growth in a simple environment
How to travel across the world in 42.2 minutes!
Perform statistical analysis on your data set.
Calculate how many feet of lights you need.
Hire a math competition problem writer for your league.
Educational resources for holidays and seasons of the year
Get some help with perspective drawing

More about these resources

Alphabet Lists: These lists were designed for teachers who are working with children on learning the alphabet, and want to have lists of words in a variety of categories, sorted by letter. You may also filter results by category, and have words sorted by initial letter within that category.

Product Reviews: The site administrators report on interesting/useful educational resources, including games, reference materials, books, and more.

Printables: The printables section of this site provides a large selection of printable worksheets, including math worksheets across the grade spectrum, mazes, and games built from vocabulary word lists.

The Vortex: If you have ever heard of "Vortex Based Math" and wondered what that was, you can find out here. You can also learn about a video that purports to describe the motion of the planets around the sun. 

Population Explosion: In response to a question on his blog, Professor Puzzler created a population simulator; enter parameters such as beginning population, reproduction rates, etc. and see how your population expands.

Gravity Train: This is a simulator based on the possibility of building a train tunnel that travels through the earth instead of over the surface. We don't currently have the technology to do this, but it sure is fun to imagine!

Statistics Calculators: These calculators were designed specifically for high school students who have not yet studied statistics, and yet still need to be able to perform functions like finding outliers in a science experiment.

Christmas Tree Light Calculator: In a way, this is a bit of a joke, because we don't really expect people are going to use this page to figure out how many feet of Christmas lights to buy. It was really designed as a mathematical demonstration, to show how approximations can be made more and more accurate by subdividing into smaller and smaller pieces - a concept that eventually leads us to Calculus.

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