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Daily Puzzles and Games

These are the dailies for June 24, 2024.

If you aren't familiar with these games, mark the checkbox below, in order to get instructions, or to set game options, for each Daily game before you play. Once you know how to play each game, you can deselect the checkbox to save an extra click on each game.

Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle
Mastermind variation, with words
Rearrange the matches to fix the math problem
Create the target number with arithmetic operations
Puzzle - combining numbers with arithmetic operations.
Reveal the picture by finding the word
Fill in the blanks to create words as fast as you can
Discover the hidden word before it's too late
Use clues to guess the three-digit number
Rearrange the numbers in the triangle to fit the rule
Match color, font, and letter in this strategy game
Illuminate the hidden word by clicking in the right places
Arrange the numbers in a row to match the game rule.
Find the hidden word in the grid
Place the words onto the crossword grid
Our own variation on a traditional word search
Find the word in the telephone pad
Find the hidden word by connecting letters in the grid.


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